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Pleasing Person(ality)

Here is an article I received in my email inbox and had to share it. Please read and then see my comment afterward:

"Do You Have a Pleasing Personality?"  

by Peter Ragnar

In early Greek and Roman theater, actors were often called upon to play several parts in a single performance.  In order to accomplish this, they would wear a different mask to portray each character.  The mask, in Latin, was called a persona.  Today, many of us, while we wear no masks of theater, still play roles and recite scripts written by others.

"As we seek recognition, often the words of parents and peers echo in our ears: 'Be somebody!'"

Does that mean we should just pick a persona and play the prescribed role - or should we learn to be ourselves?  Ah!  Herein lies the problem.  There are just so many layers of learned falsity to strip away, and each one has become as dear to us as our own skin.  Hence, a great fear arises - who will I find behind the final mask?

Those invisible masks a…

Evolutionary Change

I am on the path of evolutionary change.
I acknowledge this and am no longer resistant to change. I see this change taking many shapes and many forms; I see a new path being cleared for me and it is this road I am choosing to journey upon. It will take me far and near and at the end of it, I will change.
I will metamorphoses, again.
To me.

Love Below

Venture below
that's where you'll find
a love that flows like a river through time
and feels with a heart aching with truth
Seek my love below and allow it
to comfort and soothe
a solace only known when embraced and intertwined
fixed together as one
bound in unity of bodies and of minds