At the very thought of what you represent
You put my stomach in knots and stir an ache so deep
There is no escape; I am trapped within my own womb by the seed you have planted
Within me
Who is to know what will blossom in my private garden or
What weeds will grow; how can you tender me to nurture the Idea that has been
I cannot give it safe passage because my core betrays it with a simple thought of you
Twisted and tied against the unchain joy of what this new birth brings
You put me on an edge above the precipice of beginnings
Only to wretch against the impending final moment

There is nothing more real than the happiness that you promise and the fear of not ever having it again that keeps me twisted in this mess of emotions playing false tricks on my expanding mind and my growing heart. There is nothing more real than the true possibility of Forever and the true fact of Never. There is only this moment this thought this feeling of wonder and opportunity to fall so deep into You that I will be lost forever tied up in knots so tight and intricate entwined in a bond unbreakable not even time can separate the two. Minds and hearts and bodies tongue-twisted and tied up in endlessly seamless, interwoven knots of each Other.