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A Change In You

There has been a change in you and it makes me feel Fresh and new and at the same time Old and gray and wary  of all of these new found abilities and all of these new found confidences that you have no qualms showing me I do not know if I should sit back and watch you behave in these new ways that you have acquired as your self,  or get up off of the floor and step aside for you and give you all the room you need  to be free and complete on your own

Sixteen Years

What should be a distant memory still feels as fresh as the new day. To think of the number of minutes I have spent trying to undo the countless moments I spent to keep you happy makes me wonder why I gave up so much time for such a failing proposition. I cannot believe how long I have been trying to forget and how strongly I ache to remember all of the great times to outweigh the horrendously bad times that came and washed us apart.
Sixteen years!
I still miss you unbelievably. I guess that means I still love you in some blind way or I am still in love with the thought of you and the hope of promise never fully materialized. I am deigned to repeat you again and have been fighting off the impending front of this strange possibility. I am never over you.
Sixteen years!
The clock ticked the seconds by and I am no further away from that last day with you than I was sixteen years in the past. I have only taken a few small steps in comparison. It is time to start to move at a fast leap and qui…

Five Minutes

All I want is five minutes of your time so I can sit down and look into your eyes and see past all of the words, listen beyond all of the lies you have ever told me about how you loved me and see the reality of what was. Five minutes is an eternity, an infinite amount of time to look at you again. I couldn’t bear the madness that would ensue, realizing that all of the lies were in fact truths and I have been the blindly loving fool,  skipping around in folly of a one-sided love tragedy.