Sixteen Years

What should be a distant memory still feels as fresh as the new day. To think of the number of minutes I have spent trying to undo the countless moments I spent to keep you happy makes me wonder why I gave up so much time for such a failing proposition. I cannot believe how long I have been trying to forget and how strongly I ache to remember all of the great times to outweigh the horrendously bad times that came and washed us apart.

Sixteen years!

I still miss you unbelievably. I guess that means I still love you in some blind way or I am still in love with the thought of you and the hope of promise never fully materialized. I am deigned to repeat you again and have been fighting off the impending front of this strange possibility.
I am never over you.

Sixteen years!

The clock ticked the seconds by and I am no further away from that last day with you than I was sixteen years in the past. I have only taken a few small steps in comparison. It is time to start to move at a fast leap and quicken the pace because time cannot continue to pass by as it has, with the ghosts of you at my side.

(for Kevin J)