Pleasures So Guilty

Oh how many times I have fallen for the lust that runs down
deep in my valley for you,
feelings so good that 
all I want are these pleasures so guilty 
I forget my professions,
living only for the lust I have for you

I crave the savory taste of the flavor you give
It is the only taste I want in my mouth
when I suck my tongue and fall deep for
these pleasures so guilty 
I forget remorse,
living only for the clandestine moments I have with you

Every time is an amazing beautiful ecstastic dream realized, 
seemingly unreal 
I don’t want it to cease or to end, 
holding closed my eyes from
 these pleasures so guilty 
I couldn’t let go,
even if I tried with all my might again

I feel so good that it aches and reels and
sets me to spinning or to flights of wanton fancy
you take me on a ride through landscapes far and away
that I don’t want to get off the trips that you take me on
I don’t want to be set apart
from these pleasures so guilty 
so much so that they make me 
want to stay, 
give it all away to you
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