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Thinking very deeply of you…I’m sad at how much distance is between us, I'm happy that I feel as deeply as I do about you. I long for you in ways deep and subtle. I wish you were more free to come appear at my door and hold me in your arms. You’re unlike anyone I have ever known. I often wonder what lies deep within you, what valleys the streaming feelings you have about me have carved into your inner world, if our rivers simply cross or our waters converge…I miss you.

Swim (Part 3)

My Love,

We come to this juncture, where our streams flow into other tides. The undercurrent pulls us into new and different directions. 

Quietly still on the surface, all the movement happens below the surface and in the undertow. There is no fog ahead, there are no storms on the horizon. 

Because I have known you and loved you down to my very core, there are only clear travels I will sail forward on, riding the winds of Freedom. 

July 9, 2015

Made Love

The love you made with me tonight was so full of every fiber of our Being that whatever I had left of me no longer exists--you and I are completely One. What is left of our existence is a culmination; It vibrates and transmits at a resonance that is beyond body, soul, and mind--you and I are Love.
Let It Will Be.

Musings From My Heart 2


        You bring me joy and heavenly bliss.
The World is complete when I am in your presence and hollow when we are apart.
I am caught up completely in the rapture.
When you are away it feels like we are thousands of miles apart and I longingly ache to be with you, to hear your voice, to get lost in your eyes.

I will swim in the deepest depths of the sea to cleanse my Soul for you.

How can I raise you up like you have done for me? All I want to do is to return the favor, a thousand fold.

I am happy. It is because of You.
The smallest things about you are the biggest inspirations to me--could you be a muse to me?

It's beyond sexual, it's connection.
I want to wake up in your arms like we did on Sunday morning, hearing the songs your birds were singing, the light of the day filling the room gently, our bodies intertwined, your kiss on my neck. I am awakened.
Let us energize each other.

We have moved forward into a new "us"--where do we go from here, from this plac…


R, You’ve been on my mind since you left yesterday.  I want you to know that I hope that our time together gives you comfort and makes you happy and that our visits take you to a place where the other things that press on you don’t exist, if even for a moment. I have never felt eros such as what we have. It thrills me, gives me pure joy because it is of You. I’m blessed and thankful. This love I give to you--know that it is yours freely and solely and without conditions. I give it to you because I know that you deserve it, that you’re more than worth it, and that it’s your time to have it in the way that you see fit and comfortable for you. Don’t mind me when I press on about the silly things my mind wonders about. It is not my intention to add pressure, I hope I haven’t.  I want to give myself freely to you and to shower you with this love--it overflows for you, beyond even my old spirit’s comprehension or the concepts of my contemporary mind.  Pure and simple, I am here to make you feel …

Through The Door

You go to leave, the door has just closed; In your absence, once more I am filled with the sting of sadness. You return to me, the door has opened again;  In your presence, once more I am filled with the light of love.

Musings From My Heart 1

     I am just going to feel this one out--completely.
It feels natural, whole, it feels like pure kismet, meant to be.

I feel no counter emotion-those feelings of doubt or uncertainty, or of an impending finality, an end. I just am able to be honest for the first time, in a long time.

I have no desire to have it end. It is just beginning.

I have total trust in the course that is being charted and am guided by divine force.

I feel that our connection is within our mutual understanding and it exists in its own realm with its own language and culture.

A heart connection-found.
We exist on a transcendental dimension founded on creation, joy, Love, Light- I have been searching for this just as long as you have and so grateful to have been privileged to witness and be in the presence of you again, after seemingly forgotten lifetimes eons ago.
You will transform me to celestial heights and I am ready and willing to return the favor with loving grace.
It is too good to be true because the Truth …

"Come Get Dessert"

On Feb 28, 2015, at 9:59 PM, "Mx Amoureaux” wrote: Sweet delights are here laying, waiting just how you like it, in my candlit room Come take me love.
On Feb 28, 2015 10:04 PM, "XX" wrote U have been on my mind all night .You're so fucking sexy baby. God. 
On Feb 28, 2015, at 10:07 PM, "Mx Amoureaux” wrote: You make me that way. So hot for u all the time.
On Feb 28, 2015 10:09 PM, "XX" wrote: I'm your big dicked lover  ;) I love exploding in u more than anything

On Feb 28, 2015, at 10:13 PM, “Mx Amoureaux” wrote: I love that exact moment when you throb and pulse and I feel your heat inside me. It fills me with joy.
On Feb 28, 2015 10:14 PM, "XX" wrote: You are perfect

On Feb 28, 2015, at 10:19 PM, “Mx Amoureaux” wrote: You make me that way

Come get dessert

Belong To You

When I don’t feel you I get lost and wonder where you are You’re so close to me yet so far I’ve gone the whole day keeping busy, holding thoughts of you at bay I try to find peace and soak in the bubbles while Amy’s “Wake Up Alone”croons from the stereophone As a reminder that again I’ll be home alone So in the dark of night I get in my car and drive past your house, I see the bedroom lights on and see her silhouette as she creeps down beside you, Doing what we as lovers do And what I’ve fought to forget is playing loud and true You’re not mine but I belong to only you


On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 4:44 PM, "Mx Amoureaux" wrote:  Did my man get caught in the rain on your bike on your way home?
On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 4:45 PM, "XX" wrote: yes it was beautiful. felt so good - you and the rain

Sunset Portrait

Such a sensual picture you've left in my psyche: sweaty and spent from our loving entanglement, you laying on my bed, your strong physique, (the hair on your torso and on your sturdy thighs), how it glistens with lust (especially the slickness around your thick cock wet with my juices), such joy on your face (that vibrant smile and light from your eyes!), your scent in the air and on my shoulder from where you placed desirous kisses while your happiness erupted within me,  lighting me up and filling me with bliss, with such love.


More than miss, more than all of these tears spilled More than heartache, take away all of this Can’t go even one day let alone two, feel like I’m going to explode And it’s day three, torn at the core into pieces, I don't know what more to do Are you free of me? I shall wither away, blown by the wind into the sea and carried to the other shore. Lock me up if it is a crime for wanting you like I do, All I want is for you to want me too Broken, please put me back together for you have the missing part It fits in the hollow of my heart and fills it up With all that I need
It is Y.O.U.