You’ve been on my mind since you left yesterday. 
I want you to know that I hope that our time together gives you comfort and makes you happy and that our visits take you to a place where the other things that press on you don’t exist, if even for a moment. I have never felt eros such as what we have. It thrills me, gives me pure joy because it is of You. I’m blessed and thankful.
This love I give to you--know that it is yours freely and solely and without conditions. I give it to you because I know that you deserve it, that you’re more than worth it, and that it’s your time to have it in the way that you see fit and comfortable for you.
Don’t mind me when I press on about the silly things my mind wonders about. It is not my intention to add pressure, I hope I haven’t. 
I want to give myself freely to you and to shower you with this love--it overflows for you, beyond even my old spirit’s comprehension or the concepts of my contemporary mind. 
Pure and simple, I am here to make you feel better than the best. 
I am your Chariot, your vessel of Joy.
(March 13, 2015)