La porte est ferme


I haven’t heard from you for quite a few days now and just wanted to make sure that you are faring well and making strides in your progress.

I was left with the impression that we would at least talk and get some truths out into the space between us so they can dissipate into the ether and we could move forward/onward but it appears perhaps this isn’t going to happen. Perhaps for you leaving silently is the best way to go. I can respect that…

I want to thank you for the time you shared and spent with me and I will always be honored to know a part of the real you. I really grew fond of you these three years and I only ever wanted to give you the pure freedom of pleasure that I know you need and deserve. I thank you for allowing me to simply feel, especially at a time for me when I didn’t think I could or wanted to. I thank you for sharing with me the sweetness that I have always felt and seen in you. These are but a few of the gifts you have given me and that I will always be thankful for.
I wish you much success in the upcoming future and may you continue to thrive and prosper in all ways and in all things you set yourself towards. I really hope for only the best for you—this is all I have ever wanted for you, R. 

Always with Love,
(November 22, 2015)