Question Series 1

Topic: Sexual Positions--Doggy: On All Fours, Knees Together or Apart ?

Question: Do you do doggy style with your knees open or together? Or do you let him decide? Open lets him stand directly behind you with his legs together. Knees together lets him stand directly behind you with your feet between his slightly spread legs. Feedback? Am I the only one who thinks about crazy shit like this? (TM in FL)

I've never given this particular position (all 4's, knees together) much thought but nowthat you bring it to my attention, I find that I'm often in this position when being taken doggy--perhaps because I'm a smaller build (5'9", 130#) it is easier for my Lover to naturally place me in this position, and yes, it is more "feminine" which is also why I'm taken this way when in doggy (most all of my regular Lovers are heterosexually-identified). My own little quirk to this is, so that I have more stability, I always cross my feet over each other too like an X. It helps me I guess to stay connected to the floor/bed so my Lover can go in and plow away at his own desired depth and pace as he holds my little waist.
In reverse, I also find that my Lovers will put me in Missionary with my legs on his shoulders and my knees pressed against me. Again, I instinctively cross my feet if they're relaxed behind his head, or if his hands are pushing my knees down, they'll rest easily on his shoulders or simply flat against his chest.