Lucky (A Movement in Three Parts)


I wished and asked and here You are to a little leprechaun I told my heart's secret he pointed his gold in our direction these waterfalls of affection pour from our wellspring it is never-ending


all I ever want is to please  give you the world, 
have you live at ease exist in your kingdom devoted, exultations and prayers delivered on bended knees
my fruit I lay in front of you devour me entirely you know my flesh is sweet, the Tree of Knowledge I hang from pluck the morsels until your basket is full and make a dish of delights from these spoils and live in Love which is rightfully  Yours

Just 2 (Feel)

Just to feel you 
Outside, next to, alongside, inside, close to me
is Heaven on Earth

Come Back (The Mourning Chronicles 3)

Do you one will ever love you more than me. I still hold on to this truth, even though I should let go.  I guess I want you to know this truth, by experience. I would give up everything I have just to show you, don't you know?  Come back to me and let us be.

Just 1 (Touch)

All it takes is just one touch
and I am Yours
like it is our first time,
every time

The Heat

I know that I wield a fire that burns hot and bright,
only those who have held fire in the palm of their hands will know that they can stand the heat of my flame
If I am aimed in your direction, know that you are one of the strongest of men
You can stand the heat, and you are made greater by it.


oh Master what masterpieces will You paint using Your brushes which tickle and prick on the strokes You choose what shades of red and brown, purple and black will splay across the golden caramel canvas that lays obediently taught yet slack before You
oh Master what shapes will appear, what messages will be relayed, what joys will be displayed, that Your artistry commands from its praise for the masterpiece You craft, shape, and devise to bring pleasure to the mind upon those secret set of eyes

Spirits in the Wind

the ghosts of my past tell me to not let go of them
they nudge, they prod, they pull me into memories
that are warm and welcoming,
that leave bitter thoughts that I'd rather not have linger

the spirits in the wind tell me to move forward
they push, they urge, they move me to new territories
that are full and present,
that leave sweet longings that I can't even count on my ten fingers

I never thought I'd get another chance until I found you  you open me up to wide avenues of  spirit, of Love because it is You, there is no other place I choose to be

Salamat mahal ko, inilatag kita sa bawat hibla ng aking pagkatao, mahal kita sa buong puso ko