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Pleasing Person(ality)

Here is an article I received in my email inbox and had to share it. Please read and then see my comment afterward:

"Do You Have a Pleasing Personality?"  

by Peter Ragnar

In early Greek and Roman theater, actors were often called upon to play several parts in a single performance.  In order to accomplish this, they would wear a different mask to portray each character.  The mask, in Latin, was called a persona.  Today, many of us, while we wear no masks of theater, still play roles and recite scripts written by others.

"As we seek recognition, often the words of parents and peers echo in our ears: 'Be somebody!'"

Does that mean we should just pick a persona and play the prescribed role - or should we learn to be ourselves?  Ah!  Herein lies the problem.  There are just so many layers of learned falsity to strip away, and each one has become as dear to us as our own skin.  Hence, a great fear arises - who will I find behind the final mask?

Those invisible masks a…

Evolutionary Change

I am on the path of evolutionary change.
I acknowledge this and am no longer resistant to change. I see this change taking many shapes and many forms; I see a new path being cleared for me and it is this road I am choosing to journey upon. It will take me far and near and at the end of it, I will change.
I will metamorphoses, again.
To me.

Love Below

Venture below
that's where you'll find
a love that flows like a river through time
and feels with a heart aching with truth
Seek my love below and allow it
to comfort and soothe
a solace only known when embraced and intertwined
fixed together as one
bound in unity of bodies and of minds

Be Thankful For what You've Got

Be Thankful for what you've got--
Infinite creativity, an unconditional and giving heart, vibrant sensuality, youthful optimism, unbounded imagination, an inquisitive nature, a learned mind, healthy vitality, kinetic energy, universal peace, global outreach, eternal gratitude, social cause, inspiring peers, a positive attitude, boundless love, natural intuition, good intentions, divine wisdom, innate style, true faith, shining light, and, most of all, Love.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You!!

Sunny Afternoon

Try as I might and as fleeting as it is, I draw the curtains to try and drown out the bright light streaming in from the gorgeous, sunny afternoon through the windows in my bedroom. So as it is not entirely dark, I leave the curtains lazily open, so that just the right amount of warmth shimmers in. 

I lay on the bed on my stomach. It is his favorite position to find me. My firm and round cappuccino colored bottom is on display for him this way. It is my way of pointing the target for his aim. It is there I want his attention, and that is where he is going to give it to me. The tanline from my bikini bottom gives him further directions, and the contrast of the slightly lighter hue of warm brown playing against the golden sweetness of the rest of me is irresistible to him. I know this and use it to just push the lustful goad further. 

The small of my back, slim and tight, gives way to small and perfectly proportioned hips, giving a rounded outer edge to my bubble bottom laying here in wai…

U Come 2 Me

U come 2 me in the dark of night and take me over like a mysterious entity,
winged and ready 2 take flight
u wrap your joy around me and
I feel safe from
the unknown

U come 2 me in the thrill of the chase and
find me ready 2 give in 2 the game,
legs aching and short of breath
ready 2 lay claim
U lay your body on top of mine and
place your mass inside of my
empty hollow
and fill me up with your radiant

U come 2 me as a song comes 2 my voice and
fills my throat with the melody of my Soul,
vibrations of Love quiver through me
and spill out in2 your arms,
the likes of which I never want 2 leave
u stand beside me and
2gether we journey through this existence 2wards

2gether we can no longer hide,
we can no longer run
4 the strength of Love's will
makes the 2
of us
become 1

we swim deep in the Sea of Bliss
and underneath the wetness
again u come 2 me and
I am

Picking Up a Lost Habit

Picking Up A Lost HabitMiranda understood why, after years of dropping the habit, she started smoking again. It was because of Ben, the gorgeous boy with sin in his smile. Ben had taunted her with a single cigarette after an intense and rather brash zipless fuck on Friday night. He laid into her like he was filling a peace pipe with ancient peyote, pummeling the earthen tobacco and magical herbs, weaving his spell of seduction and empty promises of commiseration and friendship beyond their initial encounter at the bar. Miranda gave in willingly to his winsome charm and his silly sense of humor, eventually inviting him over to her Westside pied-a-terre for a nightcap after enjoying his antics, wit, and company at the posh bar. It was there that she drank in the concoction of him, laced with flirtatious stolen kisses from his sweet lips and later, at her place and in her bed, salty, sex induced tears of passion and joy. He filled her up and smoked her and left her wanting more. 

The next…


Indiscretions surface when uncertainty is riding on your back; it is hard to shake them until you lose your judgement and discretion and give in. I am not a slave nor a willing vessel for any indiscretions. I refute them and am not guilted by them.

My past indiscretions live in the distant past, whether they are old or new-old or imagined, they go back to the distant far reaches of time, back to non-reality. They cannot play tricks on my mind nor will they drain my energy. I will not allow it.

There is no harm to look or fantasize but to act blindly or impermissible, there is harm and wrong-doing laying in wait to trap the willing in its wretchedness. I forgive myself for being meek and giving in-in that moment, I am an unwilling vessel for any indiscretions. That energy is chased away now, and gone forever, for I am able to rise above into my own liberty.

In the Realm of Love

The energy of just living  in the realm of love will not elude me

It is breathing essence into being

It is the innate understanding of who I am and who I am to be

Kiss Before Daybreak

Before my eyes fail me and my body beckons me to bed I must say, with the utmost respect and sincerity, that this journey of love is not in the least, most dull or boring. Before my eyes close to sleep to dream of another existence I must say that I love you.

Call Girl

Call Girl
He told me to tell him that I loved him right before he came. I thought it an unusual request, but, in my line of work I’ve heard far more bizarre and stranger things. I indulged him hesitantly, whispering it at first. “Tell me! Tell me you love me! Say it please!” he urged me. "Oh, I love you. Yes! I love you!", I replied. His hips started pushing into me at a more rapid pace, until he was relentlessly pumping his big cock inside of me. "Do you love me?" he asked again, one final time. "Yes, I love you Joe. I love you, Joe!" Just then, I felt his manhood engorge and expand, then it began to pulse. I felt his seed spill and fill my pussy up.
We lay there for a few seconds, then he got up off me, walked to the bathroom and asked for a towel. I stood up, his weight leaving a ghostly impression on my body, his seed still inside of me. My breasts danced as I walked to the linen closet to get him a towel. He was already in the shower. His tall, manly b…

Sexually Mature

Is sex something nature has reserved for the young? All the signs point toward it yet I find myself thinking that there can’t be an “endgame” moment when it comes to sex. It is our natural ability to move energy through the vessel of our bodies when in union with another. Why would this ability diminish when we get older? Well, it’s the brain that controls the body; it is only natural that the brain would want to focus on --I don’t know, continuing to live on maybe—and not have to fret about whether we are getting off when we’re octogenarians. And our body itself ages and doesn't have that youthful elasticity that is so necessary when you are reaching for that deep coital plunge into the sweet spot that is elusive enough to move around and make a “roll in the hay” that much more roll-full.  Okay, so I guess you really can’t get down like you used to when you finally reach senior age but the fact of the matter is you can still get down. And get down I shall, until the life light g…


I am waiting with the patience of centuries to bloom

I am waiting with the humility of humilities to come out of my cocoon

And like a butterfly I will be something new
(January 13, 1998)

{XRDS} The Companion Site

The companion site {XRDS}  to Intersexion can be found at the top link bar where you will find still and moving images that titillate and excite one or more of my senses, either for their inherent or hidden reason(s). The site is our fun little bedfellow who's main goal is to compliment and escalate the content enjoyed here and to serve as a visual diary of the naughty, haughty, and delicious fun of many bodies and many minds.

I hope you enjoy.

Tale of the Body Thief

I cannot even begin to tell you how many years I have lived with the thoughts that live in my "sex mind". All I know that it has been far too many years and it has been far too long since I have actually allowed myself to free these thoughts (and feelings) from their self-imposed prison and set them about out into the world. Oh, how I have often wondered what would happen if I had set them free: 
What would become of me? What would these thoughts and feelings portray me as to the world? What would become of these thoughts once set free and given the freedom to actually be? What would happen if I gave this mind its own space, its own "body", would it this mind conduct itself in a manner most becoming? Who in their right mind would even do this?

It is these, along with many more questions that rage in my "rational mind" all of the time when I pontificate about its "other self", my "sex mind". And, like my "rational mind", I have…