Indiscretions surface when uncertainty is riding on your back; it is hard to shake them until you lose your judgement and discretion and give in. I am not a slave nor a willing vessel for any indiscretions. I refute them and am not guilted by them.

My past indiscretions live in the distant past, whether they are old or new-old or imagined, they go back to the distant far reaches of time, back to non-reality. They cannot play tricks on my mind nor will they drain my energy. I will not allow it.

There is no harm to look or fantasize but to act blindly or impermissible, there is harm and wrong-doing laying in wait to trap the willing in its wretchedness. I forgive myself for being meek and giving in-in that moment, I am an unwilling vessel for any indiscretions. That energy is chased away now, and gone forever, for I am able to rise above into my own liberty.