Sexually Mature

Is sex something nature has reserved for the young? All the signs point toward it yet I find myself thinking that there can’t be an “endgame” moment when it comes to sex. It is our natural ability to move energy through the vessel of our bodies when in union with another. Why would this ability diminish when we get older? Well, it’s the brain that controls the body; it is only natural that the brain would want to focus on --I don’t know, continuing to live on maybe—and not have to fret about whether we are getting off when we’re octogenarians. And our body itself ages and doesn't have that youthful elasticity that is so necessary when you are reaching for that deep coital plunge into the sweet spot that is elusive enough to move around and make a “roll in the hay” that much more roll-full.  Okay, so I guess you really can’t get down like you used to when you finally reach senior age but the fact of the matter is you can still get down. And get down I shall, until the life light goes down…


  1. I feel the same way. I never want to loose the exciting feeling of sexual innocence. Horny for life.


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