U Come 2 Me

U come 2 me in the dark of night and take me over like a mysterious entity,
winged and ready 2 take flight
u wrap your joy around me and
I feel safe from
the unknown

U come 2 me in the thrill of the chase and
find me ready 2 give in 2 the game,
legs aching and short of breath
ready 2 lay claim
U lay your body on top of mine and
place your mass inside of my
empty hollow
and fill me up with your radiant

U come 2 me as a song comes 2 my voice and
fills my throat with the melody of my Soul,
vibrations of Love quiver through me
and spill out in2 your arms,
the likes of which I never want 2 leave
u stand beside me and
2gether we journey through this existence 2wards

2gether we can no longer hide,
we can no longer run
4 the strength of Love's will
makes the 2
of us
become 1

we swim deep in the Sea of Bliss
and underneath the wetness
again u come 2 me and
I am