An Adulterous Allowance

I'm your sweet sexy secret little play thing and I love it that way.
I will be the one and only one with whom you can live out all of the secret fantasies you hold away from the world and release them into the realm of actuality, my body as the vessel on which you ride.
You have the whole world watching you, but, with me, it is my eyes alone that get to see the minute details of your design. 
I look at you and I see release, I see freedom, I see You.

Vous me faites ouvrir et cède à vous et il me remplit de plaisir si pur et intense. 

You allow me the honor of your favor again and again, the many stolen moments of time that we catch like flies in the air and hurried rush through our burning passion, until the time is gone and spent.
When it is like this, I feel like the sweetest taboo.
If only the world that watches you knew just how much you love this joy ride, but, it is me alone that gets to see the subtle and obvious of your intention.
I turn to look at you and I see intensity, I see  liberation, I see only You.

Me toucher partout, même légèrement, et je me plierai à vous. Je promets de vous donner tout ce que dans la raison, à notre portée. 

Je peux exploser dans un milliard d'etoiles!