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Go The Distance

I’ve asked 4 strength 2 carry on 2 move 4ward like a flicker of light I’ve flown away 2 join a new flock 2 be on my way with wings of courage and I’ve taken flight I’ve surveyed the stars and move full speed ahead 2 travel on with peace and understanding I’ve soared Far beyond any distance I have ever gone b4 2 find that I am one 2 have and one 2 hold, I will go the distance 2wards the freedom of love

The Screenwriter

In the city of broken dreams and falling angels, Los Angeles, you are sure to find many characters all ready to make it “big” and become a star. There are millions of such individuals in L.A., all with their own agendas, their own claims, their lifestyles. Sometimes, as it so happens in a big city, distant paths cross and intertwine. This is such an event that is bound to occur, especially when you’re faced with the loneliness of such a life and faced with keeping your sanity in the big city.
A number of years ago I decided to try my hand (yet again) at the internet dating scene. As I had been living my life more fully present and day-to-day as a transgendered woman, I felt that the time was right to see what kind of potential man was out there for a “new girl” like me. I put up a few profiles on sites like Yahoo! Dating,, AdultFriendFinder, a (now-defunct) national T-Girl/CD dating site, and for a more local approach, craigslist.  Each of the sites lent themselves to a uniq…