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Giving Tree

In the cold, I will give you my wool. In the dark, I will give you my light. In the heat, I will give you my cool. In the day, I will give you my night. In the loss, I will give you my gain. In the rush, I will give you all my time.

Where it hangs ready and ripe on the vine, I bear my fruit for you to eat. Whatever you ask, I shall do, no matter how sublime.
I am captive, a butterfly caught in your net.

I am yours.

So Bad

I want you so bad and I want you all the time, that when I can’t have you when I want, it strikes me across the face like a whip and I am taken aback into a melancholy deep and rich. I have fallen into this melancholic dream many times over you. When you are away, at home with her especially, and she is the prison warden keeping you locked away from me, your sweet freedom, the hurt grows to an immensely palpable pain. Sometimes I think this pain is what I crave and you are just the needle with which I prick myself to feel it.  You make me feel so good that it is so bad;  I cannot do without cravings, a glutton for you.

Pleasures So Guilty

Oh how many times I have fallen for the lust that runs down deep in my valley for you, feelings so good that 
all I want are these pleasures so guilty 
I forget my professions, living only for the lust I have for you
I crave the savory taste of the flavor you give It is the only taste I want in my mouth when I suck my tongue and fall deep for these pleasures so guilty 
I forget remorse, living only for the clandestine moments I have with you
Every time is an amazing beautiful ecstastic dream realized, 
seemingly unreal 
I don’t want it to cease or to end,  holding closed my eyes from
 these pleasures so guilty 
I couldn’t let go, even if I tried with all my might again
I feel so good that it aches and reels and sets me to spinning or to flights of wanton fancy you take me on a ride through landscapes far and away that I don’t want to get off the trips that you take me on I don’t want to be set apart from these pleasures so guilty 
so much so that they make me 
want to stay, 
give it all away to you Rela…