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Sutra (In Praise of a Union)

I am the carafe to carry your milk,  mingled with the honey of my Existence All that is living springs forth in joyous splendor,  a union of lovers Divine. Come forward and fill my cistern  with the waters of Ecstasy until I'm left to overflow  with praise of such a gift as your Love, a union of souls entwined.

The Pleasure of a Friday Evening

Thursday morning, 10:11 am text message thread Him: How much longer until you’re here in my arms?  :) I miss u, need u. Me: I miss you. 24 little hours, baby. Him: you free tomorrow eve? Me: YES, all yours. In need of you and the pleasure you give me. Him: Good.
Thursday night, 6pm, American Airlines Flight  85 somewhere above Nevada My thoughts are white hot, especially now that I’m on my way like a winged goddess returning to her temple. Perhaps it’s the glass of wine or perhaps the anticipation of seeing Him again. My panties are damp from the delicious thoughts I’ve been playing in my mind about tomorrow’s date night. I reminisce on just how great it is to give myself to Him, how he takes me on thrilling rides of so much joy. He knows how to get me to places only he has directions to. I can’t wait to land and get onto the streets of San Francisco, being chauferred to bed. Being with Him can’t come soon enough.
Friday morning, 7:03 am W Hotel San Francisco I dreamt of Him eating my sweetnes…