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The Journey of My Renaissance

There are so many places that I want to go--how many destinations will I eventually visit on this road of independence and freedom? I can't know unless I travel steadfastly and assured. 
It has taken quite some time to get to the place that I am at without you and I have done it all by myself, done it on my own terms and with my own resolve, weighed by my own strength and measured by my own ruler. 
How can I know if it is meant to be done all in this way if I think, if I doubt that it can't be done alone? How and when will I know otherwise? I have to trust--trust that I'm going the right way forward and toward an honest place, onward to a place of peaceful existence. 
I must continue to learn that everything is a lesson and examine what knowledge I have gained from a worthy teacher such as you. So many lessons filled with tests and challenges, all of which I have passed with brilliant and flying colors. I take each and every step forward and continue to find out if each mo…

Finally Our Time

All I want to do is to raise you up to heights you have never gone before my love can do this it is a coin I must pay because you have given this service to me lifetimes ago My love is a river that runs deeper than any ocean,  it will wash away all that has become painful and burdensome and clear away the debris I want no thing in return I want only the grace of loving you and you loving me equally It is finally our time

Swim (Part 1)

My Love,

I remember the city under the sea and being with you there in that incarnation that was seemingly so long ago and only just yesterday, confounded in the strangeness of Time. Every minute detail comes rushing back!! How we were so United, and ultimately Divided. 
Politics, the art of the Impossible; Love, the art of the Possible.

You were who I was running to--and we meet again on dry land, only to transcend the earth and fly.

We will stop "missing" each other when we give each a piece of our self to the other and carry it with us through our days... You can give it to me and I will give it to you--we will turn it into Light together.
Your nuances are endearing, for they tickle me pink and rainbow bright. They lend to moments of folly, and eons of little dreams, where I find you there, gentle as the Sun on my face. You soothe me.

May I be the solace you seek. Let me make you feel better...
May 4, 2009