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Le Soleil et l'ombre/ Sun and Shade

Tu est comme le soleil à moi, lumineux et brillant et brûlant; il est là, dans tes yeux! Que vais-je faire? Je suis fait à l'aveugle par le frisson de notre affaire.  Puis-je me reposer à l'ombre, même si je sais que je vous y trouver?  Peu importe, je me consume et se prélasser dans la lueur de votre étoile...

You are like the sun to me, bright and brilliant and burning; it is there in your eyes! What am I to do? I am made blind by the thrill of our affair.  Do I rest in the shade even when I know I find you there?  No matter, I am consumed and bask in the glow of your star...

Swim (Part 2)

My Love,

Thank you for being a light to show me the way forward.

Thank you for illuminating my heart.

Thank you for giving me hope that love still exists here for me.

Thank you for being my kindred spirit and for finding me again and for bringing me back to myself, centered and balanced and complete.

I will always feel you, I will always love you, I will always know you in this present existence and beyond through the veil and expanse of time.
July 9, 2009

Fuzzy Dreams Come True

I woke up from a fuzzy dream this morning that made me laugh and struck me as strange: I dreamt that my good old friend Rubin and I had sex, not once but three times, in the span of a day, in various guises, positions, and temperaments. We were of course, having lots of fun, laughing and carrying on as two old friends do but there was an intensity to the passion of each of our encounters. There was a strong sense of desire and lust for each other that isn't usually there between two old friends. Mix that with familiarity, and the feeling is one of something akin to love. I couldn't shake the intensity of his dream eyes, staring and piercing into the core of me at the moment of deliverance, the final image left on my mental dream screen. 
Later in the day, I actually had to speak to Rubin and I mentioned my morning dream to him. We had a real good laugh over it! Afterward, I found myself wondering why such an intense dream about a good friend had to play itself out in the way it…