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Belong To You

When I don’t feel you I get lost and wonder where you are You’re so close to me yet so far I’ve gone the whole day keeping busy, holding thoughts of you at bay I try to find peace and soak in the bubbles while Amy’s “Wake Up Alone”croons from the stereophone As a reminder that again I’ll be home alone So in the dark of night I get in my car and drive past your house, I see the bedroom lights on and see her silhouette as she creeps down beside you, Doing what we as lovers do And what I’ve fought to forget is playing loud and true You’re not mine but I belong to only you


On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 4:44 PM, "Mx Amoureaux" wrote:  Did my man get caught in the rain on your bike on your way home?
On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 4:45 PM, "XX" wrote: yes it was beautiful. felt so good - you and the rain

Sunset Portrait

Such a sensual picture you've left in my psyche: sweaty and spent from our loving entanglement, you laying on my bed, your strong physique, (the hair on your torso and on your sturdy thighs), how it glistens with lust (especially the slickness around your thick cock wet with my juices), such joy on your face (that vibrant smile and light from your eyes!), your scent in the air and on my shoulder from where you placed desirous kisses while your happiness erupted within me,  lighting me up and filling me with bliss, with such love.