Musings From My Heart 1

     I am just going to feel this one out--completely.

It feels natural, whole, it feels like pure kismet, meant to be.

I feel no counter emotion-those feelings of doubt or uncertainty, or of an impending finality, an end. I just am able to be honest for the first time, in a long time.

I have no desire to have it end. It is just beginning.

I have total trust in the course that is being charted and am guided by divine force.

I feel that our connection is within our mutual understanding and it exists in its own realm with its own language and culture.

A heart connection-found.

We exist on a transcendental dimension founded on creation, joy, Love, Light- I have been searching for this just as long as you have and so grateful to have been privileged to witness and be in the presence of you again, after seemingly forgotten lifetimes eons ago.

You will transform me to celestial heights and I am ready and willing to return the favor with loving grace.

It is too good to be true because the Truth is good.

I will strive to be your Joy and Bliss-let me know how I can bring these blessings to you continuously.

We are a reflection of each other. The Mirror has two faces, two hearts, two minds, and one Soul.

It's not entirely physical, sexual. It's brother/sister/mother/father/loverhood.

You are so beautiful to me; there are no words to describe how I see you (but still, I try): transcendental beauty, Light, pleasure, Heart...

You are free to create and make love with me, the result of which will always be Creation.

I am grateful for you for seeing me with all eyes and with your heart, I truly appreciate this blessing because now I do not have to be cloaked or invisible.

I will protect you as you protect me and I am your warrior and champion.

I hope I am the love prophecy fulfilled to full fruition; You are mine--I feel this at the core of my being.

I Thank You-- Love of my Love, Life of my Life.

(June 6, 2009)