Tyrant I/II


 I must seem like a tyrant when it comes to Love,
not sure if I want it or not, I push away when it comes time to pull in,
always doing things to fail myself from falling deep again, 
all the while wishing for the things I felt and have lost along the way. 
I call my guards up and begin to wage war against these things because of and in the name of Love.

I do this to heal the hurt and pain that falling deep into Love has left me. 
Self-inflicted, self-vindicated, is it real pleasure or real pain? 
The wages of battle are surely ache and loss, a price I don't want to be obliged to pay.


I give my body away like it were a worthless coin, trying to forget that the truth is
 I am a precious jewel, a rare delight.
I urge the soldier of my own choosing to go deeper, into the place that only I know,
to leave his essence to fill me up where I feel empty, 
to leave a Light on inside 
so that I don't go Dark.