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oh Master what masterpieces will You paint using Your brushes which tickle and prick on the strokes You choose what shades of red and brown, purple and black will splay across the golden caramel canvas that lays obediently taught yet slack before You
oh Master what shapes will appear, what messages will be relayed, what joys will be displayed, that Your artistry commands from its praise for the masterpiece You craft, shape, and devise to bring pleasure to the mind upon those secret set of eyes

Spirits in the Wind

the ghosts of my past tell me to not let go of them
they nudge, they prod, they pull me into memories
that are warm and welcoming,
that leave bitter thoughts that I'd rather not have linger

the spirits in the wind tell me to move forward
they push, they urge, they move me to new territories
that are full and present,
that leave sweet longings that I can't even count on my ten fingers

I never thought I'd get another chance until I found you  you open me up to wide avenues of  spirit, of Love because it is You, there is no other place I choose to be

Salamat mahal ko, inilatag kita sa bawat hibla ng aking pagkatao, mahal kita sa buong puso ko

Quench My Thirst

I kneel before you and open my Self wide
You give me your Water,
and I drink from the fountain of Pleasure



After all of this time I just want you to know that your efforts to be with me have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. It endears me to know that you make an effort to see me and to be with me, whether for a multitude of reasons or for an nth degree of nothing, it does not matter. It shows that you want to be next to me, that you want to look into my green eyes, that you want to feel me at my deepest depths, that you want to give and receive pleasure from a simple human being such as me. 
In your extraordinary presence, I am pleased and I am grateful, and I am touched beyond the obvious, all the way down to the subtle. You are my favorite thing.
Bisous,   -M  (Jan 3, 2015)

The Roughest Boys

the roughest boys on the playground
have the most tender touch
and always give me the sweetest kisses 
hidden far from the most prying of eyes
you are softest on the inside, 
and that is more than okay

your secret is safe with me

Let My Mouth Go Where It Wants To

let my mouth go where it wants to to taste the salt of your skin and the savory flesh upon your bone your flavor bursts in my mouth  and tastes like a smorgasbord of delights

Phoenix from the Ashes

The ones I have touched  have never felt a fire as burning hot as mine they fall deep and are consumed by the flames  but they always find a way 
to burrow out of the ashes
to be reborn to Love 
one more time

The Sweet Taste of Letting Go

the hardest part is letting go; 
I spit out your seeds and swallow your pulp
I can feel it go down,
it used to be so bitter but
you left the sweetest taste in my mouth


The power you have over me has me compelled to simply give you pleasure
You see my love, it's your pleasure because it belongs to you.
I am just the keeper of it, 
the vessel for it, 
the human embodiment of it
it is my pleasure to give you access to what is rightful, completely yours.

Cast your magic, weave your spells, I will fall down and under it every time 

"Just for You, Daddy"

On Oct 4, 2014 5:29 AM, "XX" wrote:

Holy fuck I miss u
When do you get in my love?
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On Oct 4, 2014, at 8:45 AM,” Mx Amoureaux” wrote:
>I'm home darling xx
I got in last night. I came back early from my trip to see you...
*sent from Outer Space*

On Oct 4, 2014 6:04 AM, "XX" wrote:
Gosh I didn't know u came back early for me. Compounds my sadness and longing for u my love.
I had to fly early this morn to see my daughter for a few days. Back Thursday. Really really kills me I won't see u til then. Had no choice. Have to go to a school event and my work ended Thursday and begins else where on or around the 12th. Will be back Thursday and will hold you closer than I ever have before.
Unless u can come to NYC baby but I highly doubt u can so quickly. Wish u could be in NYC or close to me. In my apt. Or in your hotel. Waiting for me.
I almost didn't go so I could see u and make love to u. Saving all my sex for just u my baby. I hope that'…


Slice of Pie

love how you ask for dessert all the time love how you want more than your fair share of it more than one slice of pie
love how you eat me taste the honey that flows out for you love how you let me satisfy your hunger
love how you climb on top and burst my cherry so sweet leave me filled with what I need can't wait to give you another slice don't even need to ask it's yours hot and piping and sticky and sweet your favorite treat


Like Before (The Mourning Chronicles 2)

I miss you. Do you think about what we had like I do?  We were perfect together. 
I am forever thinking about you, those wonderful times.
Let's build a time machine and go back, what do you say? 
I would turn back time just to feel you again, like before.  Like I still do.


The scent of you is beyond exquisite
When I am near you, 
holding you close, your skin next to mine, I feel like a Mother when holding her new infant, intoxicated and enraptured by it’s sublime smell, 
reminiscent of a Love so deep and Divine the One that goes beyond space and time

I don’t want to be far away from you You are the New the welcomed beginnings that my Love needs