Friday, May 5, 2017

The scent of you is beyond exquisite

When I am near you, 
holding you close, your skin next to mine,
I feel like a Mother when holding her new infant,
intoxicated and enraptured by it’s sublime smell, 
reminiscent of a Love so deep and Divine
the One that goes beyond space and time

I don’t want to ever want to be far away from you
You are the New
the welcomed beginnings
that my Love needs

Revisit (The Mourning Chronicles 1)


I return, over these long but few years since you left, 
to places that we used go. 

Sometimes people ask me,“where’s your husband…that man you are always with?",  
ask how is “everything going with the two of you?”,
they invite us to gatherings, to lavish parties that we socially fit into,
they often want me to tell you simply, “Hello”?

I know they only ask because they see me alone, without you. 
We were inseparable. We still are.

How do I tell anyone who asks...?
How you left to go to another realm,
and hopefully,
you are there waiting for me..?

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