BODY: About

Intersexion | Crossroads of a Living Body & Mind is a literary compendium rooted in passion and grounded in emotional thought.
This living journal explores the many avenues of our primitive bodies and our modern minds and meets at the junctions of emotion, passion, lust, insight, creativity, sexuality, audacity, liberty, individuality, and love.

Created by M Amoureaux, who identifies as a "Genderfluid Human Fairy" and an international artist of various mediums, is the embodiment of whose colorful and eclectic experience gives color and light to the musings found here and beyond. A free-thinking modern libertine, Amoureaux exudes quiet confidence and unabashed joy in laying bare the inner world that lives within (and outside) Amoureaux. 

Intersexion has been lovingly crafted over several years and has now been compiled and curated for public consumption in 2012 and will continue to evolve for some time to come.

Come inside and see what it is at the crossroads of a living, sensual body and a thoughtful, open mind.